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Sneaker Cleaning

NYC's Footwear Deep Cleaning & Sustainability Experts 

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In NYC, footwear can easily get trashed from crowded bars, slimy puddles, overpacked subways, and those long gym sessions. 


Most sprays, old school methods, and online hacks don't really work and can often make the problem worse causing consumers to throw out their shoes in frustration. 


Here's the big problem. Americans buy over 450 million pairs of sneakers per year but throw away over 300 million pairs, resulting in 95% ending up in landfills, where they emit harmful chemicals into the soil and groundwater. 

Worldwide we manufacture over 20 billions pairs of shoes annually. Manufacturing shoes releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, which contributes to 1.4% of greenhouse gases.  


In addition to that, it takes 25-1,000 years for a pair of shoes to biodegrade, depending on the materials used. 

  • Most natural footwear materials can take 25- 80 years

  • Leather takes 25-40 years

  • Rubber takes 50-80 years and also releases high amounts of polyurethane into the soil and groundwater

  • Many synthetic materials can take up to 1,000 years


One way to lower our carbon footprint is by taking better care of our footwear by regularly maintaining and cleaning them. 


FreshKicks NYC helps to lower everyone's carbon footprint with our proprietary equipment and solutions to deep clean, disinfect, and deodorize all types of footwear. We've helped thousands of customers reduce their carbon footprint while getting more value from their footwear by typically extending their lifespan up to 5X-10X longer.

                                       Keep it Fresh!

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What We Do

What We Do

FreshKicks NYC uses a proprietary process, equipment, and solutions to deep clean, disinfect, and deodorize all mens, women's, and children's footwear.


We help to extend your footwear’s lifespan while helping you get your money's worth and keeping them out of landfills longer! 

Please note that being clean is subjective. We will do everything possible to get your footwear as close perfect as we can without the risk of damage. However, please note that we cannot guarantee brand new condition. There are many factors that go into how clean we can get your footwear.

We do not offer refunds. 

See below for all of our services.

How It Works

We offer 3 options to our customers.


Drop off your footwear at our store located at 155 E 34th Street in NYC


Our days and hours are:

M-F 8am-6pm and Saturdays from 9am-5pm. 


Typically it takes 3-9 business days minimum depending on the queue, which day you drop them off, the material, and how dirty they are. 


We offer pickup/delivery service for large orders inside of Manhattan. 10 pair minimum.  

Fresh Facts

FreshKicks NYC will increase the lifespan of your footwear & increase your return on your investment. 

Our services remove:


"bar tar", mud/dirt, salt, wine, gum, coffee, odor, blood, ink, stained/oxidized outsoles, pet accidents, bacteria & germs, and more.

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We partner w/ some of the environmentally focused orgs that are making moves to help battle climate change brought on by our every day lives. Employees receive discounts via their company perks packages from some of the best companies to work for such as:

Snapchat, Hello Alfred, Criteo, Luxury Attache, and more!


Local Business Partnerships


We work with consignment stores, sports teams, fitness clubs, cycling studios, fashion brands, day care centers, and more keeping their members footwear in top shape so they last longer instead of going in the trash. 

Want to host a sneaker cleaning event at your office, store, or home?

This is a great way to drive potential customers to your store, make your team happier, or throwing a unique party!

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***Not responsible for lost or damaged items


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Store located at:

155 E 34th Street
(Btwn. Third ave & Lexington)
New York, NY 10016
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